yellow curse

by tex patrello

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taylorcarol98 Such a beautiful album. I think the quietness adds to the charm. I also dig the david rabe reference! Love, uncle tay tay! Favorite track: flours.
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sorry theyre quiet


released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


tex patrello Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: sour apple march
big butt betty he could crush you when he doesnt fall
then theyll see that youve the prettiest guts of all
rip me ope me
stick and choke me
muddy bloody big brown toes
thats my portrait
but i drew the feet that bore it

dimwit dilly if she thinks youre just a babe
goliath lift the punch bowl off of david rabe
i love chaddy
tease his sharpie write him daddy
kiss this candy for your mouth
mmm green apple
think thats pretty? shes a fucking chapel

curdled milk
ferment tea
all my friends and foes wanna die
aint we all dying???

moldy coffee
i keep coughing
why does everyone wanna fuck
another fucking fool
and why are you touching her
why are you bumping her
why are you humping her sir

something borrowed
something blue
an old friend died
a new one too
and we were born on the very same day
i wish i wouldve told her before she went away

she picked the dead bird up off the ground
and he came out with his pants half down
these are things i see
like on his little tv
when i hid the meat i picked out of my teeth

now shell never know
we grew at the same time
now im left alone
still our stars align

our stars align
theyll always align
and youre the pineapple of my eye
the apple of my chest
the juice box in my mind
its time

she did whatever she wanted
cause she was gonna die
then again so am i

she just wants
to be seen
pick the bird up cause a scene

rosy cheeks
sticky eyes
bullet mind
you are not so wise
Track Name: gary
isnt it scary
that even my lips are white
and i want gary to burn me tonight

standing holding hands with bowser
sorry to chill your chin
but ive got dirtll slip through my skin

no more dancing i spit on your bed
get my stickers from a mister with a bag for a head
thats right why hi gary im in love with you

dont get older
stay the same age
could you wait
til i get to your place
and i wont give him your name
and then we wont have time to blame

just gauge your eyes out
your balls must burn
you know its my turn
its my turn

you know i hate to celebrate him
just to paint him like gary and the sun
atop his lap a gold cap and his buttons undone
then im saying bye bye gary isn’t that a clue

i will never feel
til gary becomes real
Track Name: so flat
so i follow him to the arcade
where ive nothing to say
he eats his dinner alone

i remember in my parents bed an image
dreamt you said you love me
that i know

i guess that you were in my dream last night
and now it seems you can’t hold me upright

and i find that when i see your feet
and hands i thought how sweet
a taste for tasteless sight

you pull me in
stomach skin to skin
so flat
so flat
i have never felt that
like that

you saw me play the fool
so i throw up red 40 drool you laugh
and joke drips down my chin

cause what are my dreams but pretty jokes
that laugh so i dont choke
ill just imagine how good it will feel to win

when im the sun
you have jumped the gun
so flat
so flat
i have never felt so fucking sad
i want it so bad

so who are you
to tell me to
to make me too
like youre so tall
but please do call
and its not like i care at all
no its not like i care
Track Name: flours
brought your bread
gave me flour instead
stuck at bow bow sick and sticky
and i wanna rest my head
on you

nice to glance at funny you
when you are looking at me too
whyd i say that whyd i go
wide eyed tile staring gray and yellow

funny to see you in my shower
and at such a late hour
im all withered like a flower
but not my flour
Track Name: yellow curse
once his teeth split through his gums
now his brain is gone
he is done done done

meet me behind the school
bring a candle
and a glass of drool

whisper rollercoaster tycoon
everyones dying i swoon
still im stepping in bones

i have been cursed
how dreadful how sad
losing the things
i forgot i had

oh that i could know
who has hexed me so
but this yellow

is blood
lick the blood from my nose
you have cursed me so
though you may not know

i saw tybalt like roadkill run dry
black vaseline in my eye
still i cry and i cry

i have been cursed
how dreadful how sad
losing the things
that i never had